When looking for the extremely mythical dead  Sea Scrolls manuscripts, the archeologists in charge mistakenly discovered 2,000-year-old pottery that no other archeologists have ever spotted before.

As we all know, the myth of the dead Sea Scrolls started in 1947 when a young Bedouin goat herder invaded the surrounding cave to rest.


This is when they came across one of the greatest archeological findings of all time; seven texts were written in ancient Hebrew, later believed to be the first of the famed dead Sea Scrolls. This is when it started, and since then, archeologists have been digging for further manuscripts all around the place, discovering them once in a while to retain the bit of knowledge they share with the world in museums across the globe. So, as you may have expected, there were stories swirling regarding the existence of a new group of caves near Qumran that were apparently old enough to hold those objects inside.


The caves that were later identified as 53b and 53c were the home of the dead  Sea Scrolls, but what they didn’t anticipate was the extra bit of dough they stumbled on the inside.


An exceptionally unusual bronze cooking pot, as well as an ancient oil lamp, were found from the same general region as the dead Sea Scrolls, which is thought to have originated from about 100-15 BC. Other signs of exploration were identified in the caves, including barrels, flasks, cups and even pans, pieces of woven textiles, threaded cords, and strings.

This was a big haul and one that they sure didn’t intend to come across, to say the least.

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